When the blood leaves the heart it travels throught the arteries and veins. the arteries and veins carry blood throught the blood to provide oxygen and nutrients. arteries and veins together are called blood vessels. The arteries and veins attach to the heart. The artery carries the blood away from the heart. The veins are what carry the blood back to the heart. Your heart pumping the blood throught your blood vessels is called cirulation. Fact- it takes the heart 60 seconds to pump the blood throught your body. Blood carries oxygen to body cell, you need healthy cells to keep on livin. If the blood wasn't to cirulate the blood (with oxygen) the body would die. When to body uses all the oxygen it creates carbon dioxide and other waste these wastes are taken out of the body when carried with cells. When your blood returns to the right side of your heart it go'es into the ventricle and brings it to your lungs and then you breath out the waste. After the system just repeats. The blood pumping relies of the heart valves.The arteries and veins only come up to your head on the left side and not the right.
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